Synapse Terra-1

3+TH/s BTC Miner


  • 3TH/s+ hashing speed*
  • 1350 Watts (~0.45W/GH)
  • Expansion slots (2)
  • RJ45 connectivity
  • Power supply included
  • Total Immersion Cooling
  • Small footprint
  • Front panel display (Temp, Hash rate, Power, Network)
  • 1000 units available
  • Shipment begins in Q1/Q2 2014

* Tests on our prototype units reveal actual hashing rate around 3.4TH/s, specifications are conservative.
3TH/s per installed blade, one blade included, 2 extra slots available.

Product specification sheet (PDF ~201KB)


  • Synapse Terra-1 unit (with one expansion blade pre-installed)
  • Instructions
  • AC power cable (Standard 110VAC +GND)



IMPORTANT NOTE: The order queue for March 2014 is now full. We no longer register orders for March 2014 (Q1). All new orders for Synapse Terra-1 and Synapse Terra Blades will ship on April 2014 and on. To avoid extending the shipping queue past April 2014, Terra-1 units are no longer available for sale. Stay tuned for future product releases!

Shipping / Availability

Shipping occurs at the same time as production. Each unit is produced and tested for 24 hours then shipped out to the customer. Production / Shipping will start in Q1/Q2 2014. Since units are purchased faster than they can be produced, we do not use any shipping hubs; units are shipped directly from the factory in Toronto, Canada. Shipping price not included.

Synapse Terra-1

The most innovative miner on the market, the Synapse Terra-1 offers one of the best watt per GH ratio and amazing hash rates of 3TH/s, 6TH/s and 9TH/s (3TH/s per expansion blade, one expansion blade included, 2 extra expansion slots available, sold separately). Its small footprint is made possible by our exclusive Total Immersion Cooling which eliminates the need for bulky heat sinks and fans.

Expansion Blades

Each ST1 unit includes one expansion blade. Since we cannot guarantee the availability date of extra processors, we're unable to start accepting orders on expansion blades yet. We are working with our provider to secure extra processors. Expansion blades will be available in the future, but we can't guarantee a date just yet.


Due to the nature of this market and the interest in the product, we will only accept preorders. We are using processors designed and normally used for supercomputers which are not produced in large quantities. Due to that fact, our provider can only guarantee enough units to build 1100 ST1 machines deliverable by the planned production date. This forces us to make only 1000 units available for purchase on presales until we can secure more processors. The extra 100 units will be kept in stock for RMA.

Shipping will start in Q1/Q2 2014. We do not have any unit ready to ship, and will not be able to keep stocks of this product in the future; Produced units are already sold and are shipped immediately after production.

Terra-1 / Terra Blades FAQ

Q: When do you plan to ship the units?
A: We're targetting March 2014.

Q: What will my position in queue be?
A: It's impossible to tell. It depends on the date at which your payment is confirmed.

Q: What's my position in queue?
A: Once your transaction is completed, just login to your order details, your position in queue is indicated in the items list. Escrow payments are excepted from the queue, they're set in a different one.

Q: Considering my position in queue, when will my unit be shipped?
A: With the target shipping window beginning in March, consider we can build around 25 to 40 units per day (we'll pick up speed as we go). Your position in queue indicates how many machines have to be built before yours.

Q: Can I get a better position in queue?
A: No. We optimize the work order as much as possible and your position in queue is already the best we can give you. We will not accept extra money to change your position in queue.

Q: I want to order large amounts of units/blades. Can I be prioritized?
A: Large orders are not processed along with regular orders to prevent jamming the queue and delaying customers orders.

Q: I'm ordering several units. Can I get them before March?
A: No. The delay is caused by the fact that we're waiting for processors to be delivered. We're unable to alter that delay.

Q: Can I visit your installations?
A: Absolutely not. This is a research laboratory.

Q: Can I pick my unit up personally?
A: Yes. Contact us to arrange local pickup. Shipping fees will be refunded.

Q: Can I order blades?
A: You can only reserve them. You will be invoiced for your reserved blades when your unit(s) will be ready to ship. Blades will be pre-installed (and tested) in your unit(s).

Q: Can I reserve more than 1 blade?
A: We try to keep a balance between sold units and reserved blades to ensure we have enough supplies for our customers. Contact us to see if we're able to set a reservation for more than 1 blade.

Q: I got a refund for my order but I changed my mind. Can I get my queue position back?
A: No. It's been re-assigned.

Q: Can I order units past the date they'll start shipping?
A: We can't guarantee there will be units left to be sold. This is a limited batch.

Q: Will blades still be available after the Terra-1 batch is sold?
A: We will keep manufacturing blades for as long as there will be a demand for them.

Q: Will you make faster blades?
A: Probably not. The way our blades work requires all blades to be identical. Having different/faster blades would require all of them to be changed.

Q: Will you make faster units?
A: Yes. We're working on the next generation. This should be finalized and announced in Q4 2014.

Q: Can I order a blade without ordering a Terra-1 unit?
A: No. You need a verified order number to get a reservation. Blades will not run without the base unit.

Q: I bought your unit from a different website. Can I still get support from you?
A: Yes. Support is based on the serial number of the unit, not on your order code.

Q: Why do I only have 6 hours to pay my order with Bitcoins?
A: The market price varies very rapidly. The limit prevents from abusing this fact.

Q: I paid in Bitcoins later than 6 hours after I purchased. Did I lose my coins?
A: No. Contact us so we adjust the remainder of your order.

Q: Can I get a refund on an Escrow payment?
A: Yes. Contact us if you want a refund within the first 10 days of your order. Past that delay, customers are required to request their refund through the Escrow payment provider. They will authorise refunds for as long as the order is not delivered.

Q: Can I get a refund in Bitcoins?
A: No. Bitcoin payments are refunded through wired bank transfers. The exchange rate depends on the rate at which we exchanged them. We use a brokerage service to exchange Bitcoins; the brokerage fees will be applied as well.

Q: Can I get a refund for my purchase?
A: Yes. For 60 days after the date of the purchase or until your order shows as "Provisioning" or "Stocking" at which point parts are already being provisioned and assigned to your unit(s) and refund is no longer allowed unless special conditions are present for which we evaluate refund requests on a per-case basis.

Q: I sold my spot in queue, how can I get my information modified?
A: We need shipping and contact information for the new owner. Contact us to request the change. We will have to validate your identity before proceeding.

Q: Can you calculate how many Bitcoins I will be mining at the shipping date?
A: No. This is a job for a crystal orb. You may use online calculators though but don't forget these figures are really rough estimates. Truth is, no one can accurately calculate that.

Q: Are you hosting mining services?
A: No. We don't plan on hosting.